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September 11, 2017

It is not lost on us that this is September 11th,  16 years ago today we as a nation were attacked — again

It is not my intention to go over the details of that day, except to ask again that we all keep in our hearts those who lost their lives in the towers, in the pentagon, in a field in Pennsylvania, and those who have lost their lives since from the ill effects of what they worked in that day as they struggled to save others.

I ask also that we forever remember and give thanks to those who ran towards the crisis when everyone else ran away.

Today is a day to thank all those who have volunteered to answer this nations call, both our military who fight Americas battles on foreign shores, and our first responders, Police, Fire, EMT's and all the rest who fight Americas battles on American shores.

It is a day to remember all those who have made the supreme sacrifice in their good fight against evil since that day. It is a day to pray for their families, that they may understand.

There can be no question that in this world there is great evil, but neither can there be any question there is also great good.

Evil is the cowardly attacks on over 3000 innocent people 16 years ago; Good is those who fought back that day on flight 93 over Pennsylvania


We must also remember all those behind the scenes whose vital work supports and makes possible those who fight the frontline battles. This is a day to dedicate our work to the service of others, and in doing so we are the Good that stands against Evil.

Sir Knight Jimm White

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