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2017 St. Francis of Assisi Award Recipients


Sir Knight John and Lady Kate Maloney







The Archbishop's St. Francis of Assisi Award recognizes people who have provided extraordinary volunteer service at their respective parishes and is presented every year on the Feast of St. Francis, October 4th.


The nomination from the Church of The Incarnation read: For many years the Maloney's have been the proverbial backbone at the Parish. Kate has organized and trained our superb lectors and is active in the Parish Women's Group and prayer shawl ministry. She is one of our dedicated adorers in the Eucharistic Ministry. She does the little and big things without recognition. 


John is equally dedicated to Incarnation. Active in the Knights of Columbus he is a  a past Grand Knight and currently serves as the Faithful Admiral.  John is always available to help the parish in any way possible. His expertise as a bank executive is put to good use in the parish finance council. He is also a founding member of the parish Saint Vincent DePaul Society.


John and Kate are humble, dedicated and generous servants of our Blessed Lord and are loved and respected by all. They are richly deserving of this prestigious award.


The Knights congratulate  Sir John and Lady Kate as recipients of the Saint Francis Award.

2016 St. Francis of Assisi Award Recipients


Sir Knight  Frosty  and Lady  Marcella Johnson

Sir Knight Forrest “Frosty” Johnson and Lady Knight Marcella were among 65 couples who received the Archbishop’s Saint Francis of Assisi Award on October 4, 2016. 

Frosty and Marcella were honored for their 51 years of marriage and their contributions to the church. They were nominated by Reverend John Carney, Pastor at the time of their nomination, who stated “Frosty and Marcella have been the backbone of the parish since it’s inception. 


Marcella  is active in several prayer and ministry  groups and is a catechist.  She is tireless in her efforts to help the parish grow and prosper

Frosty has initiated, managed and led several major building projects and recently completed a two-year undertaking to construct a parish prayer garden that has added beauty and elegance to the parish grounds.  This effort required an excess of 3,000 man-hours of work – all volunteer!


Frosty and Marcella are a beautiful couple dedicated to their Lord and Holy Mother Church.”


The award was presented by Most Reverend John Wester, Archbishop of Santa Fe and Rev. Leo Ortiz, Pastor.

The Knights congratulate  Sir Frosty and Lady  Marcella as recipients of the Saint Francis Award.

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